Welcome to American Holistic University, an accredited online university specializing in helping working adults achieve a higher quality of life by getting an affordable college degree in a simple structured online program.

If you’re a working adult with an equivalent high school diploma or unfinished college you can receive a Bachelor of Holistic Arts or PhD in one of our alternative medicine courses in less time than you think while working at your own pace in the study environment of your choice.

AHU was founded in 2003 by the late Allen Chips, PhD.  with the intention to make Holistic Arts Education accessible and affordable to a global population.  Since inception, hundreds of students from all over the world have graduated from AHU with Doctorate level degrees leading them in careers as professional therapists, executives, counselors, healers, consultants, authors, speakers, and educators.

The tradition continues at AHU with more interest in alternative medicine than ever before.  Today, more and more corporations are launching wellness programs with a focus on holistic approaches to employee health and resiliency bringing about larger demands for professionals with degrees in holistic wellness to design, manage and direct these programs.  As well, individuals are becoming more aware of the the benefits of Holistic Medicine and are looking for alternatives to traditional western medicine for cures, and long term wellness.  There isn’t a better time than now to further your education in Holistic Arts.  Apply now, get an estimate on Tuition or Download a copy of our AHU Student Handbook to learn more about our offerings.