Studying Transpersonal Psychology at AHU is a rewarding and flexible way to gain either a PsyD or PhD.

Undertaking the Doctorate in the Philosophy of Transpersonal Psychology includes two years of coursework, one year for a capstone project and a final year to complete a dissertation. Students who complete this course are awarded their PhD and have an abundance of post-graduate alumni opportunities.

Completing the Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology will include two years of coursework and a final year to complete a capstone project. At the conclusion of the course students will be awarded their PsyD.

The courses themselves are clinical in nature and therefore are designed for students to learn specialized skills that are applicable to private practice. Students delve into subjects concerning human development, alternative psychological healing methods and have the option to undertake elective subjects in Hypnotherapy and Natural Health.

To find out more about studying Transpersonal Psychology please download the Student Handbook